Endorsements and Testimonials


1. "I went to my parish to pray one evening and had no idea Patricia Sandoval was going to be speaking. I heard her testimony, and I knew It was God's plan that I was there because I had an appointment the next morning at Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. This would have been my fourth abortion. After hearing her story, I felt convicted and decided to have courage. I felt that God was asking me to keep my child, and I did."
Juana Iris, California

2. "Thank you Patricia, my cousin was going to have an abortion and she saw your television interview on Cara a Cara and decided to keep the baby!"
Christina, Sacramento, CA

3. "I saw your television program on EWTN, Cara a Cara and I knew that I also needed to go on a Rachael's Vineyard retreat but I could not locate a retreat in Mexico. I had never been to the United States. I found one in Texas and just last week lived my Rachael's Vineyard retreat and I can't believe you are here in Mexico and I have the chance to hug you and say...Thank You."
Marianne, Veracruz, Mexico

4. " Every youth should see this testimony. Very courageous and generous in sharing such a tragedy but also such an extraordinary conversion."
Maria Carolina Alfonzo, Colombia

5. " I saw your story on ETWN's Women of Grace show and you made me cry. Seeing your story here in person made me cry again. Consider yourself a surgeon for the soul."
Mary Anne, California

6. "I saw your interview on EWTN's Cara A Cara and I was impacted. I have been praying outside of Planned Parenthood weekly with fear in my heart for the unborn. But now after hearing your testimony for the second time and having met you in person, I will have the courage to stand up for life in front of Planned Parenthood as fearless man!
Jose Eduardo, California

7. "Thank you, Patricia! Two young ladies decided to be courageous and chose life for their babies after hearing you speak at their high school. Glory to God!"
Andrea Carolina, Colombia

8. "If this young women had the courage to admit her abortions and go on a Rachael Vineyard's retreat, than I can too."
Leticia, California